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Completed volumes are mailed to subscribers in paper form immediately and are made available online free of charge one year after the publication date

Ontario Archaeology is the peer-reviewed journal of The Ontario Archaeological Society. The journal is edited by Bonnie Glencross and Suzanne Needs-Howarth and is distributed to members holding a membership status of “with OA” for the year of publication, for a fee of $12 ($9 for students) on top of regular membership.

The journal accepts submissions relating to the archaeology of Ontario and surrounding regions. Each submission is reviewed by the editors, in some cases following input from the journal’s editorial advisory board. If it passes this editorial desk review, it is sent out to two peer reviewers. The decision to publish is informed by the peer review, but the final decision lies with the editors, again in some cases following input from the journal’s editorial advisory board. Please visit the OA archive to get an idea of what kinds of articles have been deemed suitable and have passed review in the past.

When you are preparing your manuscript, please bear in mind that the number of plates to be printed in colour is at the discretion of the editors because of the added cost. Generally, colour is included when it adds substantially to the reader’s ability to understand what they are seeing, e.g., the colour of beads or of a diagnostic attribute.

Ontario Archaeology now largely follows the SAA style guide. Please note that, in order to limit the journal’s production costs, all papers submitted must follow this style guide, in particular with respect to citations and the references cited list.

The journal requests that publications of research on Indigenous cultural properties are done with free, prior, and informed consent of relevant First Nations and/or descendant communities (OAS publications document 4.2a, approved July 2018). We recommend that authors include in this process any photos, drawings, and maps that they plan to include in the publication. If you have questions or concerns about how this consent process might work with respect to your submission, please contact the editors to discuss. 

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