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Please consider donating to the OAS

Your support contributes greatly to making the Ontario Archaeological Society the premiere voice for the advancement and good care of the province’s archaeological heritage.


You can donate to the OAS, either directly, or by a donation to one of the society’s endowment funds targeted for specific needs (see a description of the five funds below).


Donations can be made via the online form below or by clicking on the DONATE NOW button to be taken to the OAS donation page hosted by Canada Helps.

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The OAS is a registered charity and you will receive a tax reciept for your donation. If you choose to donate, you may wish to direct your donation towards one of the following:

The Charles Garrad Avocational Archaeological Collections Fund

The roots of the Ontario Archaeological Society (OAS) lie in the long-term contributions and commitment shown to the organization by avocational or amateur archaeologists. These individuals built the organization in the early days and they made and continue to make important contributions to our understanding of Ontario’s past.

The Charles Garrad Avocational Archaeological Collections Fund has been established to support the transition of archaeological collections, including artifacts and documentation, from avocational archaeologists to long-term permanent curation facilities. This can be a costly endeavor that can involve purchase of curation materials and/or the need for personnel to catalogue or rehouse materials. The fund is named in honour of our long-term former president and executive director, who was himself an avocational archaeologist, and who, through decades of study, contributed enormously to the archaeology of the Petun.

Valerie Sonstenes Student Research Fund:

Support student research that advances knowledge on Ontario’s archaeological record

Awards Fund:

Support the cost of developing and delivering the Society’s many awards

Futures Fund:

Provide Long term support for producing the OAS’s journal, Ontario Archaeology

Peggi Armstrong Award for Public Archaeology:

Specifically to support this award (administered by the Ottawa Chapter) that annually acknowledges outstanding commitment to public awareness of archaeology

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