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Job Opportunities

Please Note: With the exception of positions with the organization, the Ontario Archaeological Society makes every reasonable effort to ensure the accuracy of materials posted on this page, these postings should not be taken as an endorsement of the job position or the advertising body by the OAS. Individuals interested in these positions are encouraged to exercise due diligence prior to entering into a contractual relationship of any kind. 

Executive Director - OAS

Full-Time Contract Position 

Are you motivated to make a difference in Ontario archaeology? The Ontario Archaeological Society (OAS) is seeking a dynamic, motivated individual with a passion for Ontario archaeology to fill the position of Executive Director. In this role, you will work with the Board of Directors, regional chapters and members to promote the ethical practice of archaeology in our province.

General Job Description

The Executive Director of the OAS reports to the President and assists the Board of Directors in advancing general objectives of the OAS. As needed, the Executive Director will act as project coordinator to advance specific goals set forth in the current OAS Strategic Plan. Most of the work tasks may be completed remotely but there are some required in-person tasks involving office tasks and the OAS annual symposium.


The Executive Director will play an active role in advancing the OAS’s mandate to promote the ethical practice of archaeology.

The ideal candidate will have the following qualifications:

        A Master’s degree in archaeology, preferably in Ontario;

        At least three years of recent direct work experience in the archaeology sector in Ontario, and is preferably Research-licence or Professional-licence eligible;

        Understanding of all the current legislation and policies that pertain to archaeological heritage in Ontario;

        Experience in project coordination and/or project management;

        Demonstrated abilities in networking between organizations and individuals; and

        Proficiency in a wide range of computer applications including MS Office Suite, cloud-based sharing software, member databases, and Adobe pdf editing software

The ideal candidate will be:

        Generally knowledgeable about Indigenous groups in Ontario and willing to work towards establishing relationships with representatives from Indigenous communities and organizations;

        An excellent writer capable of producing compelling grant applications;

        Promote the ethical practice of archaeology through traditional and social media;

        Draft clear, coherent responses to issues arising in the heritage industry in Ontario;

        Work independently;

        Take direction and work efficiently, reporting to the President and working in collaboration with the Board of Directors; and

        Work with the Treasurer to ensure that OAS finances are well managed (including playing an active role in grant-writing and fundraising)

General Duties

        Promote an understanding of archaeological heritage in Ontario

        Advocate for the ethical practice of archaeology in Ontario to our members, the public, and government

        Promote reconciliation between archaeologists and Indigenous peoples

        Provide services to OAS members

        Provide administrative support and manage OAS office (periodically checking the mail and the office)


Project Based Work

The OAS has been developing a series of “Best Practices” guides to provide information about key archaeological information to ministries, clients of cultural resource management firms, students, members of the general public, etc. These documents are being developed by experts in major subjects such as zooarchaeology, Northern boreal forest, historical archaeology, Indigenous pottery, etc. However, it would assist this moving forward by having an organizer or coordinator. The ED would spend approximately two days a week of their time assisting with the committees for the Best Practices guides, thus working towards several key OAS mandates of education and improving heritage policies.


Detailed Job Description

The duties of the Executive Director will include, but not be restricted to, the following:

Provide administrative support and manage OAS office

        Maintain the OAS’s business files and compliance documents for CRA/Charities Directorate

        Assist Treasurer in overall fiscal management: year-end accounting preparation; annual budget preparation; banking signatories and authorizations; vendor contracts and service agreements; expense payments and income deposits, renew Insurance policies, and address legal correspondence, etc.

        Assist the President, Vice President and Board of Directors to ensure that board operations are compliant with the constitution and policies of OAS, and that policies are updated and archived appropriately

        Manage correspondence and telephone inquiries, including drafting correspondence for review by the President or other Directors

        Assist the Director of Chapter Services to ensure that chapter paperwork is remitted annually

        Provide administrative support for various projects undertaken by OAS

        Assist with hiring and perhaps supervision of summer students

        Manage the membership database system, including producing reports and lists to provide to the Board of Directors and chapters

Advocate for the ethical practice of archaeology in Ontario to our members, the public, and government

        Organizing and actively participating in meetings with government and other stakeholders to promote ethical archaeology

        Planning and participating in meetings with representatives of Provincial Heritage Organizations and other heritage organizations to present a coordinated strong voice for heritage preservation in Ontario

        Representing the OAS at heritage events and conferences

        Supporting regional chapters in their outreach events

        Assisting the Board of Directors to develop a communication strategy (press release drafting and release, roster of spokespeople)

        Research and prepare grant applications and reports to support work to promote the ethical practice of archaeology (including grants that the OAS already applies for such as the Provincial Heritage Organization and Summer Experience Program) and additional ones to support specific projects.

Promote communication between archaeologists and Indigenous peoples

        Assist the Board of Directors in planning projects working towards reconciliation (e.g., Indigenous Field Liaison Training sessions)

        Establish and maintain working list of contacts from Indigenous communities and organizations from across Ontario for use in promotion of the symposium or other events and activities

        Working with the President, Reconciliation, Restitution and Reclamation (RRR) committee and regional chapters to promote long-lasting strong relationships between local Indigenous communities and chapters

Provide services to OAS members

        Manage the mailing (paper and electronic) of OAS publications and respond to queries regarding these

        Facilitate the membership renewal process using our established software and respond to membership inquiries

        Assist the Director of Member Services with award production and presentation, and the presentation of certificates to long-term members

        Assist with the annual OAS symposium and other events, as required


Terms and Conditions of Employment

This position is dependent upon the OAS receiving a PHO (Provincial Heritage Organization) operating grant each year. Based on this grant, the position offers a one year, full-time contract of employment of 37.5 hours per week with an annual vacation entitlement of 15 day per annum (accrued at 1.25 days per month), including flexible and remote work opportunities. The position may be renewable at the end of the term, at the discretion of the President and Board of Directors. The yearly salary will be established by the Board, within a range of $58,000-$65,000 per year depending upon experience. There are no benefits associated with this position. Some evening and weekend work will be required, namely attendance at the annual Symposium and quarterly board meetings on Saturdays (to be managed by reducing weekly hours on those occasions). Some travel is expected (attending the annual symposium) with your own vehicle if you have one. Reimbursed expenses will be allowed for items purchased in the normal course of business, and any other items, with prior approval by the President and Treasurer.

Performance Review

This job description is in effect from the first date of employment. There is a probationary period of three months. A work plan and performance review will be conducted once per year with the Human Resources committee, with dates to be established at the time of commencement. 


If you are interested in this position, please contact jobs@ontarioarchaeology.org for more information. Applicants should send a package including a cover letter detailing relevant experience and skills, a CV, a writing sample, and a list of two employment references to that address by November 30st, 2022 (or until the position is filled).