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Benefits of Membership

Membership in Ontario’s archaeological community

Attendance at local lectures and meetings

Eligibility to join one or more of the Society’s Chapters in the Grand River, Hamilton, Huronia, London, Ottawa, Peterborough, Thunder Bay, Toronto, Waterloo, or Windsor

Participation in workshops, courses, seminars

Participation in working committees and stakeholder consultations at the provincial and chapter levels.

Information on excavations and volunteer opportunities

Opportunities to participate in OAS-sponsored or supported field and lab projects

Eligibility to present at the Society’s annual symposium

Attendance at the Society’s annual symposium, business meeting and banquet

Eligibility for awards or other forms of recognition (and the opportunity to endow and/or create such awards)

Subscription to Arch Notes, our bi-monthly newsletter and your window on the current Ontario archaeology scene.

You can subscribe to Ontario Archaeology, our refereed journal detailing the latest discoveries and issues related to archaeological practice.

The Ontario Archaeological Society offers several types of benefits for members that are available on the website. The benefits include:

Publications: This includes our peer-reviewed journal, Ontario Archaeology, and our newsletter,Arch Notes and more! Articles and news about archaeology in Ontario are compiled for members to enjoy. If you would like to know what is happening with the OAS and the discipline in general, be sure to periodically check back for updates.

Merchandise: The organization offers great products to show your love for archaeology! Some items include buttons, pens, tote bags, mugs and scholarly material such as field manuals, research guides, and Ontario Archaeology. They are available to buy online or at OAS-related events.

Awards: The OAS is proud to acknowledge members who play an important role in the life of the society and their care in managing Ontario’s archaeological heritage. This page consists of a list of awards and past winners.

Members-Only: This page is available to members only. Special perks include early access to the latest issue of Arch Notes, a private member gallery and forum, member networking and contact privileges, and more!

OAS Gallery: Everyone is welcome to add photos that relate to archaeology—share photos of artifacts or a site you have visited. Be creative and promote archaeology to people who are interested!