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The Toronto Chapter hosts a fun social at the Ashbridge Estate

The Toronto Chapter hosts a fun social at the Ashbridge Estate

The Toronto Chapter hosted a wonderful barbeque for their members and the executive board of the OAS. It was held on July 19th at the OAS head office, located at the Ashbridge Estate.

Forecasts warned those who were outside that the day would be extremely hot, with temperatures reaching a high of 30 degrees Celsius. Fortunately, the trees surrounding the estate provided everyone with full coverage from the heat along with a refreshing breeze to keep cool. 

(Centre, waving: Christine Caroppo, Past OAS President, Right, waving: Rob Macdonald, OAS President)

Tables were lined with various types of delicious food, ranging from salads to desserts and then to burgers and hot dogs! They were brought in by members and shared–eliciting hearty conversation and laughter. The OAS Executive Board also provided fruit and veggie trays to the event.

(Neil Gray, Chef Master, Toronto Chapter Executive)

Marti Latta gave a small tour, explaining the archaeological activity done on the property and the history of the location. A trench was dug towards the edge of the property and a well was discovered before it collapsed. According to historical documentation, the lake’s shore reached what is known to be the current Queen Street which borders one end of the property, providing some insight into the little boathouse located behind the Ashbridge family’s estate. Several members present at the event had participated in the excavation as well!

Overall, it was a successful social filled with great food and interesting talks. It wouldn’t have been possible without Sylvia Teaves, the Clarence family, and the Gray family for organizing the event and helping the day run smoothly. Thank you to Lorie Harris who applied for permission to have the event on the property. Thank you to Mary Kapches of Bosley Real Estate who acquired the rental of the BBQ. Lastly, thank you to everyone who came out to have a good time! I know the Toronto Chapter is looking forward to hosting the same event next year!

(Left: Chris Dalton, OAS Director of Chapter Services, Middle: Rob Macdonald, OAS President, Right: Abbey Flower, OAS Director of Member Services)

(Left: Margie Kenedy, OAS Director of Heritage Advocacy, Middle: Rob Macdonald, OAS President, Right: Lorie Harris, OAS Executive Director)

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