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Ontario Archaeology – OA026, 1976

Paleo-Indian Locations on Late Pleistocene Shorelines, Middlesex County, Ontario
Volume:  OA26
Year:  1976
Author:  DELLER, D. B.
Page Range:  3 – 19
Abstract:  A Paleo-Indian settlement pattern focused on specific physiographic features is generated through an analysis of data gathered during Paleo-Indian point surveys. Having become intrigued with a distributional pattern of Paleo-Indian artifacts, the author undertook a study which led to the locating of several Paleo sites. This paper concerns a portion ot that study: data collected during site surveys along glacial lake shorelines in Middlesex County, with specific attention being focused on the general physiographic attributes of locations yielding fluted, Hi-Lo or Plano points. These point types, which are considered to be of Paleo-Indian vintage, will be defined after a general delineation of the regions investigated and a summary of the survey technique.

A Short Note on Materials from the Cummins Quarry Site (DcJi-1) Near Thunder Bay, Ontario
Volume:  OA26
Year:  1976
Page Range:  21 – 30
Abstract:  No Abstract

The McClellahan Ossuary: A Study in Data Retrieval from a Looted, Early Historic Site
Volume:  OA26
Year:  1976
Author:  REID, C. S., & T. A. CONWAY
Page Range:  31 – 45
Abstract:  The McClellahan ossuary is evaluated as to demography, cultural affiliations, and skeletal pathology in a test case of information retrieval in the context of extensive disturbance. The results indicate that even in such extreme instances meaningful, though limited, data can be recovered.