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2023 OAS Mentorship Program

The Ontario Archaeological Society Outreach Committee (OAS) is happy to announce the 2023 OAS Mentorship Program. Now on it’s second year, the Mentorship Program is a newer initiative with the aim of connecting archaeology students and other emerging archaeology professionals (mentees) with more established industry and academic professional archaeologists (mentors). By providing your information below, the Outreach Committee will use this information to coordinate mentor/mentee pairings and connect you with an archaeologist with similar professional interests. We will also provide tips and guidance on how you can arrange meetings with your mentor/mentee and establish a lasting relationship. When and where that meeting will be left up to the both of you, in-person or virtually, but the OAS will be providing a moderated channel free via the Slack platform to facilitate meetings and conversation.


A mentor does not have to be someone who has spent their life in the trenches but you have taken a few steps in your
career and have several seasons of wear on your trowel (or lost a few). More importantly, you are willing to be an open book and are want to share the experience, lessons, and maybe even mistakes of your career.


Are you a student trying to figure out your next step in your academic career after undergrad/graduate school, an emerging professional trying to determine which Cultural Resource Management company you should start your career with, or just someone trying to figure out their next career steps? Become a mentee and let us help! All we ask is that you give thought to your career goals and plans and are open to learn from and reflect on the experiences and lessons of a more weather-worn archaeologist.                                                           


Please complete the following registration by June 30th, 2023. Spaces for the Mentorship Program are limited and are restricted by  the availability of suitable mentors/mentees. We will do our utmost to match as many people up as possible, but pairings are not guaranteed. We want everyone to take part, so late registration is accepted but dependent on availability of suitable mentor/mentees. Preference will be given to those who have signed up earlier and OAS Membership is required.

Registration Link

As the registration closes, we will reach out to every registrant to confirm participation in the program. Afterwards, you will be provided with the contact information of your selected mentor/mentee by July 7th, 2023 along with advice regarding how to jump start the mentorship. The introductions as well as the time, nature, and frequency of the meeting is up to you and your mentee/mentor but we are aiming to run the program for a period of six months (July-December).


Have any questions? Reach out to us at outreach@ontarioarchaeology.org!