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Ontario Archaeology – OA052, 1991

The Lost Seven Leagues: Samuel de Champlain’s Landfall in Huronia
Volume:  OA52
Year:  1991
Page Range:  3 – 14
Abstract:  Champlain ‘s landfall in Huronia was more likely on the western shoreline of the Penetang Peninsula facing Nottawasaga Bay than on the opposite side of the peninsula near present-day Penetanguishene, where it is currently commemorated. I reassess the accuracy of distances in Champlain’s Works, and note the curious omission of the last seven leagues of his journey in subsequent historical analyses of his route. The area of Champlain’s landfall has considerable potential for archaeological investigation.

The La Salle-Lucier Site: Two Components of the Western Basin Tradition, Essex County, Ontario
Volume:  OA52
Year:  1991
Author:  LENNOX, P. A. & C. F. DODD
Page Range:  17 – 56
Abstract:  The reconstruction of Highway 18, which follows the east bank of the Detroit River south of the city of Windsor, Ontario, required the salvage excavation of threatened portions of the La Salle-Lucier site. The site consisted of horizontally distinct Younge phase and Springwells phase components of the Western Basin Tradition. The excavations yielded settlement pattern data, artifact assemblages, and floral and faunal remains, all of which help to document the subtle changes in the adaptive strategy of these small late prehistoric native communities through a short succession of warm season settlements.