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Ontario Archaeology – OA043, 1985

An Archaeological Examination of the Baumann Site: A 15th Century Settlement in Simcoe County, Ontario
Volume:  OA43
Year:  1985
Author:  STOPP, M. P
Page Range:  3 – 29
Abstract:  During six weeks of excavation at this site in 1980 one midden was tested and the locations of three others were confirmed. A single longhouse was partially excavated and revealed a rich feature assemblage. Possible evidence of a second longhouse was found in a test trench south of House 1. A C14 date (N.M.C. 1222) of 490 ± 60 B.P. (A.D. 1460) was obtained from a sample of charred wood. An analysis of rimsherds revealed seven attributes which may be characteristic of the 15th century ceramic assemblage in Huronia.

Ontario Paleo-Indians and Caribou Predation
Volume:  OA43
Year:  1985
Author:  PEERS, L.
Page Range:  31 – 40
Abstract:  For some time it has been known that the Paleo-Indians of western North America subsisted primarily upon large game. In the Northeast Paleo-Indians are thought to have been dependent upon caribou, an hypothesis which is suggested by a large body of indirect evidence but very little direct evidence. This paper reviews the question of the presumed association of Paleo-Indians and caribou in southern Ontario, concluding that the Paleo-Indian/caribou theory is supported by a substantial body of indirect evidence but requires direct archaeological evidence to establish it conclusively.

Archaeology at the Marmora Ironworks: Results of the 1984 Field Season
Volume:  OA43
Year:  1985
Author:  GRAFFAM, G.
Page Range:  41 – 53
Abstract:  Although the Marmora Ironworks failed repeatedly as an economic venture in the 1820-1860 period, it was an important early attempt at industrial development. An outline of the documentary sources and the results of preliminary archaeological investigations show that the site may contribute to a fuller understanding of the economic, technological and social history of this early period of settlement in Upper Canada.