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Ontario Archaeology – OA021, 1974

Two Probable Shield Archaic Sites in Killarney Provincial Park, Ontario
Volume:  OA21
Year:  1974
Author:  STORCK, P. L.
Page Range:  3 – 36
Abstract:  Two collections of stone implements and flake debitage obtained from test excavations at sites in and adjacent to Killarney Provincial Park are described and tentatively assigned to the Shield Archaic complex. In the descriptive analysis of the artifacts, emphasis is placed on interpreting manufacturing techniques as indicated by incomplete tools and flake debitage. It is argued that information on manufacturing techniques should be combined with purely descriptive and functional attributes in developing a rigorous and widely-used typology of Shield Archaic artifacts. The establishment of a sound typology is, of course, essential to any attempts to determine whether there are regional differences or temporal trends in the lithic technology of the Shield Archaic, a complex which was extremely wide-spread and may have persisted for several thousand years.

The Glass Site AgHb-5 Oxbow Tract, Brantford Township, Brant County, Ontario
Volume:  OA21
Year:  1974
Author:  STOTHERS, D. M.
Page Range:  37 – 45
Abstract:  The Glass Site represents a component of the earliest phase of the Grand River focus of the Princess Point Complex. This site represents a previously unknown and undefined archaeological manifestation centered in southwestern Ontario. The Princess Point Complex appears to be an early Late Woodland manifestation characterized by ceramics decorated by cord-wrapped stick impressed designs on the rims; large circular, exterior punctates around the neck; and globular cord-roughened bodies with semi-conical bases. The earliest known remains of maize in Ontario have been found on several Princess Point Complex components.