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Ontario Archaeology – OA019, 1972

Human Skeletal Remains From Scott Site
Volume:  OA19
Year:  1972
Author:  HELMUTH, H. S.
Page Range:  3 – 10
Abstract:  The skeletal remains of seven better preserved and eighteen fragmentary skeletons are described as to their metric and epigenetic traits. Sex and age are determined, the latter providing the bases for a relatively young average age at death.

Porteous (AgHb-1): A Probable Early Glen Meyer Village in Brant County, Ontario
Volume:  OA19
Year:  1972
Author:  NOBLE, W. C., & I. T. KENYON
Page Range:  11 – 38
Abstract:  The small, homogeneous Porteous village on the outskirts of the City of Brantford has produced significant new data towards the definition of an early phase in Glen Meyer development. Dating circa 700 A.D., by radiocarbon, definite longhouses with internal refinements are the earliest known to date for southern Ontario and, indeed, for much of the Northeast. Artifact analysis indicates that Porteous falls between the generically earlier Princess Point complex and later Glen Meyer components of southwestern Ontario.

Prehistoric Cultural Sites in Relation to Soils and Other Physical Features of the Landscape in Part of the Kickapoo Valley, Wisconsin
Volume:  OA19
Year:  1972
Author:  HURLEY, W. M., G. B. LEE & P. L. STORCK
Page Range:  39 – 47
Abstract:  No Abstract