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New Pages of Prehistory 1956-1962

The 1956-1962 five-issue series New Pages of Prehistory/New Pages in History was reprinted from ONTARIO HISTORY, journal of the Ontario Historical Society, by The Ontario Archaeological Society, sometimes with the sub-title ANNUAL SUMMARY OF FIELDWORK. The series was edited by Dr. J. Norman Emerson. The date of publication of the first issue is not given and may or may not coincide with the date in the title (1956). The dates of publication of the subsequent four issues are given and are a year later than the date in the title. To resolve this potential source of confusion the date of the title is used to identify each issue.
n.p. = not paginated; Key words are given in box parentheses

NPP 1956 14p. (n.p.)
New Pages of Prehistory: Archaeological Researches in Ontario 1956
Reprinted from ONTARIO HISTORY 48(4), 1956
EMERSON, J. N. New Pages of Prehistory: Archaeological Researches in Ontario 1956
KENYON, W. A. A Prehistoric Cemetery 1 – 2 [Highland Creek, Scarborough, site, Tabor Hill]
EMERSON, J. N. The Village and the Cemetery 2 – 3 [Iroquois, ossuary, site, Tabor Hill]
LEE, T. E. New Light on Iroquois Origins 3 – 5 [Morrisons Island, Ottawa, river, Saguenay, site]
KIDD, K. E. Serpent Mounds Excavation 5 – 6 [lake, mound, Rice, Serpent Mound, site]
JURY, W. Huronia and the Seaway 7 – 8 [Huronia]
EMERSON, J. N. Red Ochre and Ritual 8 – 10 [Ault Park, ceremonial, Point Peninsula, red ochre, site]
KENNEDY, C. The NRU Site 10 [NRU, Ottawa, Point Peninsula, river, site]
CLARKE, C. H. D. Algonquin Park 11 [Algonquin Park]
WRIGHT, J. V. Comments on the Bruce 11 – 13 [Bruce Peninsula]
RIDLEY, F. Exploring in Michipicoten 13 [Michipicoten]
MARSHALL, R. Introducing The Ontario Archaeological Society 13 – 14 [activities, Ontario Archaeological Society, The]

NPH 1957 22p. (n.p.) New Pages in History 1957
Reprinted from ONTARIO HISTORY L(1), 1958
EMERSON, J. N. New Pages in History 1957 1 – 2
McILWRAITH, T. F. The Puckasaw Pit Culture 3 – 5 [lake, pit, Puckasaw, Superior]
LEE, T. E. Northern Survey 5 – 6 [northern Ontario]
DEWDNEY, S. Quetico Pictographs 6 – 7 [pictographs, Quetico]
KENYON, W. A. An Ancient Settlement in Bruce County 7 – 9 [Bruce, county]
EMERSON, J. N. Before the Flood 9 – 12 [Ault Park, site]
KENNEDY, C. Ottawa Valley Archaeology 12 – 14 [Ottawa, river]
KENYON, W. A. Archaeology of the English River District 14 – 16 [English, river]
JOHNSTON, R. B. Serpent Mound Excavation of 1957 16 – 17 [mound, Serpent Mounds, site]
EMERSON, J. N. The Old Indian Fort Site 17 – 18 [site, Old Indian Fort, township, Vandorf, Whitchurch]
JURY, W. Huron Area Archaeology 19 [Huronia]
CLARKE, C. H. D. Archaeology of Algonquin Park 20 [Algonquin Park]
SWEETMAN, P. W. Ontario Archaeological Society Activities 20 – 21 [activities, Ontario Archaeological Society]
GUILLET, E. C. Provincial Emphasis on Historical Illustrations 21 – 22 [archives]

NPP 1958 24p. (n.p.)
New Pages of Prehistory 1958, Annual Summary of Fieldwork
Reprinted from ONTARIO HISTORY LI(1), Winter 1959
EMERSON, J. N. New Pages of Prehistory 1958 1 – 2
KENNEDY, C. C. On the Trail of Champlain 2 – 4 [Morrison’s Island, Ottawa, river, site]
KENYON, W. A. Investigations at Lake St. Francis 4 – 6 [lake, St. Francis]
EMERSON, J. N. Farewell to Ault Park 6 – 7 [Ault Park, site]
JOHNSTON, R. B. The Serpent Mounds 7 – 8 [mound, Serpent Mounds, site]
PEARSON, Richard The MacDonald Site 8 – 10 [Bloomfield, county, Iroquois, MacDonald, McDonald, Prince Edward, site]
KENYON, W. A. A Late Woodland Site Near Pickering 10 – 11 [Miller, Pickering, site, Woodland]
RIDLEY, F. A Search for Historic Neutral 11 – 12 [historic, Neutral]
KNECHTEL, F. The Inverhuron Provincial Park, Season 1958 12 – 13 [Bruce, county, Inverhuron Park]
EMERSON, J. N. The Bosomworth Site 13 – 15 [Bosomworth, site, township, West Gwillimbury]
JURY, W. A Huron Settlement Pattern Study 15 – 16 [Forget, site, Wyebridge]
KENYON, W. A. The Mound at Pithers Point 16 – 18 [lake, mound, Pithers Point, Rainy Lake]
DEWDNEY, S. Pictographs 18 – 19 [pictographs, Quetico Park]
RIDLEY, F. Northern Survey 19 – 21 [northern Ontario]
EMERSON, J. N. The Puckasaw Pit Culture: A Pilot Study 21 – 24 [pit, Puckasaw]

NPP 1959 24p. (n.p.)
New Pages of Prehistory 1959, Annual Summary of Fieldwork
Reprinted from ONTARIO HISTORY LII(1), March 1960
EMERSON, J. N. New Pages of Prehistory 1959 1 – 3
JOHNSTON, R. B. Excavations at Serpent Mounds 3 – 4 [mound, Serpent Mounds, site]
SQUIRE, B. P. The Rediscovery of the Kente Region 4 – 8 [County, Kente, Prince Edward]
EMERSON, J. N. A Further Note on the McDonald Site, Prince Edward County 8 – 9 [county, MacDonald, Prince Edward, site]
JURY, W. Archaeology in Huronia 9 – 11 [Huronia]
KENYON, W. A. The Miller Site 1959 11 – 15 [Glen Meyer, Miller, site]
KENNEDY, C. C. Charmstones in the Ottawa Valley 15 – 18 [charmstones, Ottawa, river]
DEWDNEY, S. Pictograph Recording in the Canadian Shield 18 – 19 [pictograph]
EMERSON, J. N. The Puckasaw Pits and the Religious Alternative 19 – 20 [pit, Puckasaw]
KENYON, W. A. Rainy River Project 1959 21 – 22 [mound, Rainy River, river, site]
KNECHTEL, F. Ontario Archaic and Our Nuclear Future 22 – 23 [Archaic, Bruce, county]
DONALDSON, W. S. Activities of The Ontario Archaeological Society 23 – 24 [activities, Ontario Archaeological Society]

NPP 1961 28p. (n.p.)
New Pages of Prehistory 1961
Reprinted from ONTARIO HISTORY LIV(2) June 1962
EMERSON, N. J. New Pages of Prehistory 1961 1 – 2
KENNEDY, C. C. Archaic Hunters in the Ottawa Valley 2 – 8 [Archaic, Ottawa, river]
KENYON, W. A. The Second Season of Excavation at Fort Albany 8 – 12 [Albany, Fort Albany, river, site]
JURY, E. M. Archaeological Work in Huronia 13 – 14 [Huronia]
EMERSON, J. N. Cahiague 1961 14 – 16 [Cahiague, site]
BOWMAN, P. (not credited) Activities of The Ontario Archaeological Society 1960-1961 16 [activities, Ontario Archaeological Society]
TRIGGER, B. G. The Historic Location of the Hurons 17 – 28 [Huronia]
– end of series –