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Ontario Archaeology – OA055, 1993

Prehistoric Huronia: Relative Chronology Through Ceramic Seriation
Volume:  OA55
Year:  1993
Author:  BURSEY, J. A.
Page Range:  3 – 34
Abstract:  This paper is an attempt to achieve two goals: first to partition the known site data base for Huronia into discrete village relocation sequences and, second, to seriate some of the ceramic assemblages from sites dating from Middle Ontario Iroquois to Historic Huron. Some discussion of future directions of research is also presented.

Huron Kinship Terminology
Volume:  OA55
Year:  1993
Author:  STECKLEY, J. L.
Page Range:  35 – 60
Abstract:  This is a study of Huron kinship terminology based on data covering roughly three hundred years. As much of the information comes from unpublished sources previously unavailable to most researchers, much of this work is simple description. Secondly, this study makes comparisons with terms in related Northern Iroquoian languages, as part of a speculation about the nature of change since contact. Kin terms also provide information on such matters as interaction with the French, the politics of social distance, power and solidarity and matrilocal residence patterns among the Huron.