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Ontario Archaeology – OA017, 1972

The Dougall Site
Volume:  OA17
Year:  1972
Author:  WRIGHT, J. V.
Page Range:  3 – 23
Abstract:  The Dougall site (BdGu-2) is located on the west side of the narrows between Lake Simcoe and Lake Couchiching, Simcoe County, Ontario. Mr. Bruce Dougall, the owner, has been developing the area for private residences and part of this development involved dredging artificial canals; the fill from which had been deposited over the major portion of the site. Indeed, only a small area of the site, approximately 70 feet by 40 feet, has escaped being capped with a thick layer of the heavy clay from the dredging operation. The small point on which the site is situated is described by residents in the area as being an extension of a long,low ridge that was originally flanked on both sides by swamp which was subsequently filled for house construction.

The Lite Site: An Early Southern Division Huron Site Near Belleville, Ontario
Volume:  OA17
Year:  1972
Author:  PENDERGAST, J. F.
Page Range:  24 – 61
Abstract:  The author describes an Iroquoian site north of Belleville Ontario which he excavated during the summer of 1967. The artifacts recovered are described in detail with particular emphasis on the ceramics. Rim sherds have been analysed using both the pottery-type method and the attribute method. The occurrence of pottery decorated with a cord-wrapped-stick technique is noted and, being considered unique in this particular context, is reported upon in detail. In a discussion comparing site characteristics with diagnostic traits of the Northern and Southern Divisions of the Huron-Petun Branch of Ontario Iroquois, evidence is presented in support of a conclusion that the site is a Southern Division component.

On Delineating the Neutral Iroquois of the Eastern Niagara Peninsula of Ontario
Volume:  OA17
Year:  1972
Author:  WHITE, M. E.
Page Range:  62 – 74
Abstract:  No Abstract