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Ontario Archaeology – OA016, 1971

Ontario Fluted Point Survey
Volume:  OA16
Year:  1971
Author:  GARRAD, C.
Page Range:  3 – 18
Abstract:  No Abstract

Nineteenth-Century Clay Tobacco Pipes in Canada
Volume:  OA16
Year:  1971
Author:  WALKER, I. C.
Page Range:  19 – 35
Abstract:  One of the most useful artefacts for dating excavated historical sites is the clay tobacco pipe. By the 19th century these pipes were being mass-produced by many manufacturers in England, Scotland, France, Germany, and Canada, but because by this time makers often placed their name and place of work on their products – generally on the stem – good dating evidence can be obtained when the manufacturing dates of the firms concerned can be found from documentary sources. This article describes, illustrates, and dates the most frequently-found 19th-century pipe material found in Canada.

Scheduling in a Shared Environment: Late Period Land Use Patterns in the Saginaw Valley of Michigan
Volume:  OA16
Year:  1971
Author:  FITTING, J. E.
Page Range:  36 – 41
Abstract:  While late 18th and early 19th century accounts describe a Chippewa occupation of the Saginaw Valley in Eastern Michigan, earlier accounts suggest much more ethnic diversity. In order to understand these accounts, it is necessary to understand the relationship between ethnic units and technic ecotypes in the early historic period and to deal with these technic ecotypes using concepts such as ‘scheduling.’ This approach makes it possible to reconcile both early and late descriptions of the region.

The Sopher Celt: An Indicator of Early Protohistoric Trade in Huronia
Volume:  OA16
Year:  1971
Author:  NOBLE, W. C.
Page Range:  42 – 47
Abstract:  A unique iron bar celt, excavated from the Sopher site Huron ossuary, provides a rare and early example of European trade goods in northern Huronia. Analysis also suggests that the Huron protohistonc can be separated into two temporal divisions according to the nature of trade items found.