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The past is a beacon to the future. Ontario's ancient history is rich, varied and a source of pride for all Ontarians.

Here you can find out about the OAS: our goals, the activities of our members throughout the province and our publications. You can also learn about Ontario's 10,000 year long past and what you can do to find out more about it and help protect that unique and fragile legacy for the generations of tomorrow to appreciate and learn from.

Come along and share in Ontario's archaeological heritage.

The Ontario Archaeological Society gratefully acknowledges funding from the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport through the Provincial Heritage Organization Operating Grant Program.

2017 OAS Symposium - Brantford

The OAS board of directors is happy to announce the date, location and theme of the 44th Annual OAS Symposium. This year’s symposium will be held at the Best Western Brantford Hotel and Conference Centre, in Brantford, Ontario, from November 17-19, 2017, with the theme of From Truth to Reconciliation: Redefining Archaeology in Ontario.

Archaeology in Ontario was, for much of its history, entangled with a Colonial narrative that tended to exclude Indigenous knowledge and viewpoints. Indigenous peoples were allowed little or no direct role in the stewardship of their ancestral cultural properties. Over the past two decades, some dramatic developments arising from the court system, and from public awareness of Indigenous issues, have served to foster an increasingly close relationship between the archaeological community and those of First Peoples. In light of the recent Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC): Calls to Action (2015) and the United Nations Declarations on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (2008), there are repeated calls to redefine the relationship even further. Working with Indigenous cultural properties (including sites, scared places, and artifact collections) particularly in a development context, puts archaeologists at “Ground Zero” for where systemic change must occur.

The theme of this year’s symposium – From Truth to Reconciliation: Redefining Archaeology in Ontario – is an acknowledgment that Supreme Court decisions, the TRC Calls to Action, and UNDRIP have direct and immediate consequences for how archaeology is practiced in Ontario. It is clear that the relationship between archaeology and First Nations peoples must change; however, the specific nature and direction that these changes must take is unclear – particularly given the complex and intertwined web of legislation that governs archaeological practice in Ontario. How do we practice an archaeology that respects Indigenous rights while operating within a regulatory system that does not fully recognize those rights yet?

The goal of this year’s symposium is to explore what redefining the relationship between First Peoples and archaeologists may mean, both in “grounded” archaeological practice and in our conceptual frameworks. To that end, we are inviting representatives from Indigenous communities across the province to share their perspectives on the current state of the relationship and how it can be improved. In addition, archaeologists are encouraged to share their thoughts on this evolving issue and how they will be affected. In sharing our perspectives and opinions, we hope to begin work on a framework that will see our communities cooperating on matters of mutual interest moving forward. We are under no illusion that a comprehensive and monolithic solution will be achieved that can represent the disparate and diverse perspectives of all of the parties and individuals who participate in these discussions, but we hope to create an opportunity to listen and search for common ground.

The OAS board and conference committee are in the process of developing sessions and workshops for the symposium, and would appreciate any input on topics or papers that members would like to see or present. If you have any thoughts, feel free to contact email Matt Beaudoin with suggestions.

Visit the OAS 2017 Symposium Website for more details!

New Way to get Ontario Archaeology Merchandise

We are excited to introduce our new online store, ONarchaeology

You can now purchase OAS and archaeology related merchandise from the convenience of your home. Our initial lineup of designs can be found at https://www.redbubble.com/people/ONarchaeology

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Some alterations to colour or positioning of design can be made.  Please email  heritageadvoc@ontarioarchaeology.org with your request. 

We are looking for high quality images of archaeology related themes to add to our collection.  If you are willing to share your images and would like to see them featured on any of our products, please send them to the same email address with your permission to use them.  Please send only high quality images that you hold the rights for.

More designs will be added and we will share with you information about upcoming sales and feature items on our Facebook page.  Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance! 

Happy holidays to all

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